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Specialty Compound

Specialty Compound

Specialty plastics are indispensable in modern technology and industry, offering exceptional characteristics tailored to specific applications. Nytex specializes in three main types of specialty materials: Low Moisture Absorption Nylon, POK (Polyphenylene Oxide Ketone), and Semiconductor Material, each serving critical roles across various industrial sectors. 

Low Moisture Absorption Nylon and POK materials exemplify the versatility and performance of specialty plastics. They boast outstanding attributes such as exceptional chemical resistance, dimensional stability, remarkable wear resistance, low moisture absorption, minimal Warpage, and excellent impact strength at low temperatures. These qualities make them invaluable in applications ranging from water materials and water treatment to wear-resistant supports, slide rails, and conveyors. 

Semiconductor materials are tailored for semiconductor processes, offering unparalleled dimensional stability, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), minimal moisture absorption, and antistatic properties. They ensure stability and quality in critical semiconductor manufacturing processes, including photomask boxes, wafer carriers, Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP), and wafer transport boxes. 

These specialty plastics represent the forefront of innovation in various industries, delivering enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability in specific applications. Nytex continues to lead the way in developing and supplying these advanced materials to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. 

Low Moisture Absorption Nylon 


Key Attributes  


Excellent Chemical Resistance 

Low moisture absorption nylon demonstrates remarkable chemical stability, effectively resisting corrosion and chemical erosion. 

Low Warpage 

It maintains minimal Warpage even at elevated temperatures, rendering it suitable for applications requiring dimensional stability under heat. 

Dimensional Stability 

Low moisture absorption nylon preserves consistent dimensional stability even in humid environments, ensuring precise component measurements. 

High Weather Resistance 

Capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, it exhibits high weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications. 

Outstanding Wear Resistance and Lubricity 

With excellent wear resistance and lubricity, it excels in high-friction scenarios, ensuring prolonged durability and smooth operation. 

Reduced Moisture Absorption 

Its low moisture absorption minimizes the effects of moisture, ensuring consistent performance over time. 

Low Specific Gravity, 
Weight Reduction Compared to Metal 

Compared to metal counterparts, low moisture absorption nylon boasts a lower specific gravity, facilitating lightweight components and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Excellent Impact Strength at Low Temperatures 

It maintains exceptional impact strength, even in low-temperature environments, guaranteeing reliable performance across diverse conditions. 




Simulated Firearms 

Low moisture absorption nylon is a preferred material for simulated firearms, offering the desired appearance and performance akin to real guns. Its dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and wear resistance ensure reliability in simulated firearm applications. 

Water Equipment 

In water sports equipment, buoys, and water-related products, low moisture absorption nylon proves invaluable. Its resistance to corrosion in aquatic environments makes it a durable and reliable choice for water equipment applications. 

Metal Replacement 

As a versatile material, low moisture absorption nylon often replaces metal parts, offering a lightweight alternative without compromising performance. This substitution enhances component efficiency and durability across various industries. 

Drinking Water Brackets 

Due to its low moisture absorption and exceptional chemical resistance, low moisture absorption nylon is commonly utilized in drinking water brackets. This ensures the safety and durability of drinking water systems, meeting stringent quality standards. 

GPS Mounts 

In GPS devices and equipment, low moisture absorption nylon provides essential dimensional stability and high weather resistance. These properties enable reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring accurate navigation and tracking. 

Water Treatment Applications 

Low moisture absorption nylon's chemical resistance and low moisture absorption make it well-suited for water treatment applications. From equipment components to pipelines and valves, it ensures longevity and reliability in water treatment systems. 


POK(Polyphenylene Oxide Ketone) 

Key Attributes  


Excellent Chemical Resistance 

POK showcases exceptional chemical stability, effectively warding off corrosion and chemical erosion, even in demanding environments. 

Dimensional Stability 

In humid conditions, POK maintains precise dimensional stability, ensuring consistent performance and reliability of components. 

High Weather Resistance 

With its ability to withstand the impact of natural elements, POK is well-suited for outdoor applications, offering durability and longevity in harsh environmental conditions. 

Metal Replacement for 
Weight Reduction 

POK serves as an ideal alternative to metal components, offering a lower specific gravity. This characteristic enables significant weight reduction without compromising on performance, making it a preferred choice in lightweight applications. 

Better Wear Resistance and Lubricity than POM 

In comparison to materials like polyoxymethylene (POM), POK excels in wear resistance and lubricity. This superior performance makes it suitable for demanding applications with high friction and heavy loads, ensuring extended durability and reduced maintenance requirements. 




Slide Rails 

POK finds widespread application in mechanical systems such as slide rails and guides, where its exceptional wear resistance and lubricity guarantee smooth movement. 


This material is utilized in conveyor and transportation systems, where it can withstand friction and abrasion, ensuring efficient material transport. 

Metal Replacement 

POK is commonly used to replace metal parts, reduce component weight, and provide superior wear resistance. 

Wear-Resistant Supports 

In wear-resistant supports and bearing components, POK can effectively withstand mechanical stresses and extend the life of parts. 


POK is used in fasteners, fixings, and other connecting components, with its superior durability ensuring secure and reliable connections. 




Semiconductor Materials        

Key Attributes  


Low Warpage, 
Dimensional Stability 

Semiconductor materials demonstrate minimal Warpage, maintaining consistent dimensions even under high-temperature conditions. This ensures precise processing and consistent results. 

Low VOC 

Semiconductor materials are characterized by low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), minimizing environmental impact and reducing potential health hazards for workers. 

Low Water Absorption 

These materials exhibit low water absorption properties, ensuring stable performance even in humid environments. This helps maintain the integrity of semiconductor components and prevents performance degradation. 




Mask Boxes (Reticles) 

Semiconductor materials are utilized in the fabrication of mask boxes, also known as reticles, which are essential components employed in semiconductor lithography processes. Their dimensional stability and wear resistance are critical for maintaining precision in the lithography process. 

Wafer Carriers 

These materials find application in wafer carriers, which are designed to support and safeguard semiconductor wafers during various stages of the manufacturing process. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the wafers. 


FOUPs serve as containers for packaging and transporting semiconductor wafers within cleanroom environments. Semiconductor materials are employed in their construction to provide the necessary strength, stability, and cleanliness required for wafer transportation and storage. 

Wafer Transport Boxes 

In semiconductor manufacturing facilities, wafers need to be transported between different process steps. Semiconductor materials are used in the fabrication of wafer transport boxes to ensure the safe and secure transit of wafers, thereby preventing damage or contamination.



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