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Are you seeking a steadfast and skillful packaging partner to propel your business toward resolute and sustainable expansion? Your quest ends here, as BETEC emerges as the unrivaled choice - a distinguished ally offering extraordinary and personalized packaging solutions, meticulously crafted to fulfill your unique business demands. Embrace the journey to enduring success with BETEC by your side.

BETEC - Who are we?

Embark on a Journey of Unparalleled Excellence with BETEC

Your Trailblazing Partner for Cutting-edge Plastic Resin and Packaging Solutions!

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution prowess, coupled with advanced multi-layer co-extrusion technology, empowers us to deliver premium primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging solutions that cater to diverse market demands. Experience the pinnacle of quality and innovation as we revolutionize packaging for your business.

Embracing the Future of Plastics Packaging: Pioneering Excellence as Your Ultimate Choice.

Driven by a passionate team and unwavering dedication to our customers, the market, society, and the planet, we envision a world where innovation thrives. Our commitment to perpetual improvement and value creation for our esteemed stakeholders defines our path toward leadership and sustainability

Unleashing Unrivaled Product Innovations: BETEC - Your Gateway to Cutting-edge, Premium Packaging Solutions!

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we lead the industry by supplying top-tier, competitive products of unparalleled quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge laboratory equipment enable us to craft PE flexible packaging films that surpass all expectations, catering to a myriad of unique needs and specifications. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the possibilities of packaging

Elevate Your Packaging Standards with BETEC's Cast Stretch Films: Unrivaled in Premium Quality and Unparalleled Performance!

Specializing in supplying top-notch, high-grade stretch film rolls, our division takes pride in delivering exceptional holding force and load stability, ensuring palletized goods remain resolute during transit. Experience enhanced efficiency and safety in warehousing and logistics, as we set new benchmarks in the art of packaging perfection. Trust BETEC for the ultimate solution that safeguards your valuable products and streamlines your supply chain with unmatched excellence.

Global Manufacturing Sites: Fueling Vibrant Productivity to Meet Your Every Demand

From the bustling landscapes of Taiwan, Vietnam, and the USA, our strategically located manufacturing sites hum with vibrant productivity, operating at peak capacity to meet your every demand

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Industries: BETEC at the Vanguard

In the realm of industrial excellence, BETEC emerges as the vanguard, catering to a diverse array of applications across the petrochemical, oleochemical, logistics, and warehousing sectors. In these formidable industries, the quest for packaging solutions of unmatched protective prowess, efficient packaging results, and exceptional physical attributes takes center stage. Ensuring the secure delivery of goods over vast distances and cost-effective, scalable manufacturing are the paramount priorities.

Driving Innovation: BETEC's Unwavering Focus

Armed with this knowledge, our unwavering focus resides in relentless innovation, directed towards:

  • Unleash the Power of Performance: Elevating the physical prowess of our products to new heights.
  • Unlock Productivity: Unraveling cutting-edge process innovations to amplify production efficiency.
  • Embrace Resourcefulness: Empowering superior resource efficiency without compromising product excellence.

BETEC is the sole distinguishing factor

At the heart of our triumphs lies our unwavering corporate philosophy - 'Management Like Water.' As we adapt our strategies to the ever-changing tides of time, this philosophy stands as an unyielding beacon guiding every endeavor we undertake. Comprising six distinct yet interconnected facets, our corporate philosophy is the bedrock of our journey. Let's delve into its essence:


BETEC's unwavering commitment to sustainability is deeply woven into our very fabric - ingrained in our vision, mission, and strategies. We hold firm in the belief that driving social, environmental, and economic sustainability is not just a choice but a moral imperative. Embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we stride forward, determined to create a positive impact on the world.

Our mission extends beyond merely delivering robust financial performance and increased stakeholder value; it encompasses a responsibility to conduct business ethically, with both social and environmental consciousness at the core. As we forge ahead, we proudly contribute towards nurturing a circular economy, leaving a lasting legacy of progress and sustainability for generations to come.


In our hearts, we hold a profound belief that what we create for the world is as indispensable and precious as water itself. Each of our products plays a crucial role in enhancing society's well-being and advancement.

Nature and Science

With a profound reverence for the laws of nature and science, we embark on a relentless quest to unearth innovative solutions and conquer diverse challenges.


Like the flowing water that gathers momentum and harnesses boundless energy, we draw strength from this eternal force to break barriers, surge forward, and propel ourselves to new heights.


In the grand tapestry of possibilities, we remain humble like a single drop in the boundless ocean. Yet, like the majestic waves that surge and shape the world, our vision knows no bounds as we dream big and aspire to reach remarkable heights.


Mirroring the fluidity of water, we embrace an ever-adaptable and agile approach to confront every challenge that comes our way. Our ability to flow and adjust ensures that we navigate through obstacles with grace and resilience, unveiling new opportunities on our journey to success.

Count on BETEC as your unwavering ally in the packaging realm - a strategic partner par excellence, catering to all your business's packaging requirements. With BETEC by your side, you'll witness seamless business expansion and effortless market access. Our packaging division is dedicated to delivering innovative flexible plastic packaging solutions for:

  • Safeguarding Goods
  • Enhancing Convenience
  • Prioritizing Hygiene & Safety
  • Minimizing Food Waste

BETEC offers exclusive services tailored for you

At BETEC, our services are meticulously curated exclusively for you. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver top-tier quality in everything we offer. Moreover, we go the extra mile to ensure that you experience unparalleled convenience, reliability, and efficiency while utilizing our products. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our mission, driving us to continually raise the bar and exceed your expectations.

End-to-End Packaging Expertise

Welcome to our world of comprehensive end-to-end packaging expertise. We take pride in being a fully integrated specialist, serving both the global and regional industrial and consumer packaging markets with unparalleled sophistication.

Our Quest for Continuous Better Packaging

Driven by cutting-edge machinery, advanced R&D facilities, and an unwaveringly dedicated workforce, we embark on an unyielding quest to create packaging solutions that transcend excellence for our valued customers and our precious planet.

Uncover the compelling reasons for choosing BETEC

BETEC is always the top priority choice for savvy customers. Why?

Experience and Reliability

Backed by the unwavering support of our esteemed customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, families, and friends, we take immense pride in our 30-year legacy of excellence in PVC, ABS, Polyethylene (PE) films, and bags. Driven by our collective efforts, we have successfully expanded our business to numerous countries, marking a testament to our reliability and dedication.

Unveiling Global Heights: Our Production and Expansion Journey

Thanks to our flourishing export sales, we have become a driving force behind impressive growth, allowing us to serve customers worldwide in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. With an unwavering commitment to superior quality, we continue to forge ahead, conquering the pinnacle of success and establishing a steadfast global presence.

Celebrating Our Accolades and Certifications

Drawing upon cutting-edge machinery and world-class technology, complemented by the finest raw materials, and fueled by our in-house research and development prowess, we proudly craft a diverse array of innovative, high-quality products, tailored to meet diverse market demands.

Beyond this, we are driven by a steadfast set of missions, instilling us with unwavering confidence in our endeavors:

Workplace Safety

At the core of our work, lies an unyielding focus on Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS). We firmly believe that prioritizing the well-being and safety of our workforce is not just a duty, but an inseparable aspect of our daily business operations and work ethos.

Driven by this ethos, we set forth a relentless pursuit towards our ultimate goal of zero accidents and zero fatalities, sparing no effort to reduce the number of lost man-days within our workplace. With an unshakeable dedication to EHS, we forge ahead, fostering a secure and thriving work environment for all.

Employee Relations

In the heart of our success lies the unparalleled dedication of our exceptional workforce – the true driving force behind our growth. We hold their welfare with utmost importance, ensuring a collaborative environment where personal, team, and organizational goals align harmoniously. As we venture forward, our progressive expansion includes continuous investments in our employees' development, empowering them to achieve individual and departmental milestones.

At our core, we foster an inclusive ethos, cherishing equality and embracing diversity. Our unwavering commitment to providing fair and equal opportunities fosters a thriving and vibrant workforce, propelling us towards boundless success together.

Championing Sustainability: Embracing the Three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In the heart of our core operations, we wholeheartedly embrace the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, firmly believing that these actions play a pivotal role in preserving and extending the invaluable natural resources for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained, and we strive to make a positive impact on the environment.

To uphold this mission, we have implemented a highly effective recycling management system, adept at reprocessing and reclaiming our internally generated plastics wastes, rejects, and scraps. Through this conscientious approach, we contribute our part in building a greener and more sustainable world for the generations to come.

BETEC’s Team: Your Reliable Support, Always Prepared

BETEC takes pride in its devoted team of passionate experts, rigorously trained to deliver unparalleled customer support. Their unwavering commitment lies in saving your time and resources, offering top-notch products and services at competitive prices. With just one interaction, you will place your trust in BETEC's team, consistently benefiting from their dedication, expertise, and warm customer care.

At BETEC, customers are at the heart of everything we do, and their satisfaction remains our utmost priority. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to fulfilling all your needs, ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

“BETEC - Propelling Packaging Excellence to Unprecedented Heights”