About Us

BETEC is a fast-growing and trusted manufacturer of compound resin, stretch film, strapping and tape. Our goal is to support different industries by providing high-quality products and services. We want to be a part of the success of our clients, so we are constantly innovating and adding value to the goods that we offer.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with a high level of standards so that you can have total satisfaction with our range of services. We utilize a diverse range of technology and information that foster continuous improvement. Our team is fully competent and educated in standards at the highest possible level while maintaining the highest ethical values.

  • Customer Experience

    We offer a dedication to customer satisfaction. Our customers will choose our products because we furnish them with results that will not only meet or exceed their expectations but give them top-notch, premium-quality goods.

  • Continuous Development

    Our team will be constantly striving to grow, evolving our company and product offerings through new developments and technologies. We always search for ways to improve our process and product quality.

  • Moral Values

    No one involved in our company will conduct business with anything less than the highest level of honor, dignity, and integrity. All of our actions are guided by ethics.

"Our team at BETEC has built a process that makes sure we meet each service request with efficiency and on-time delivery. From conception to completion, we put high priority on every detail of our services. We know your success depends on it!"