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Nano Film

Nano Film

  • Nano PLUS Series: 15 um ~ 30 um/ 60 ~ 120 gauge

Nano PLUS series is designed for all wrapping applications that are produced from multi-layer

cast lines utilising the latest technology, premium grade raw materials and cost-saving

formulation. High holding force and excellent puncture resistance.

  • Nano LITE Series:6 um ~ 12 um/24 ~ 48 gauge

Nano LITE series is designed for light and medium applications that comes with high clarity,

puncture and tear resistance. Excellent cost-saving per pallet wrap

  • Nano COLD Series: 6 um ~ 30 um/ 24 ~ 120 gauge

The Nano LITE series is specially formulated for cold chain applications that come with an exception

cling and no tailing to protect your goods in extreme cold environments.

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