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Hand Film

Hand Film

PLUS Series: 16 um ~ 32 um

PRO series is designed for all wrapping applications that come with strong holding force and excellent puncture resistance.

LITE Series: 8 um ~ 15 um

LITE series is designed for light-duty applications that come with high clarity, high tear resistance, and high holding force and are lightweight and sustainable.

Ultra PLUS Series: 63 to 128 gauge

Ultra PRO series is specially formulated for ultra-high performance wrapping with high stiffness and low elongation film. It offers superior load containment and consistent quality performance.

Ultra LITE Series: 32 to 60-gauge

The Ultra LITE series is specially formulated using premium resin for better tear propagation resistance, excellent puncture resistance, and holding force. It offers a significant performance light gauge as a replacement for the current conventional hand film.

PRE Series: 6 um to 10 um/24 to 40 gauge

PRE series is Betec's latest innovation investment in Pre-Stretched rewinding technology with folded edge features that have made our latest pre-stretched films outperform conventional pre-stretched films. Greater holding force and good cling features for better load stability and superior puncture resistance, especially at sharp corners
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