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Banding Film

Banding Film

HEAVY DUTY - The stretch film wrap is made of 80 or 120-gauge thickness material that is

extremely durable.

SELF–ADHERING - The film wrap sticks to itself, offering a better cling and making sure to last

throughout all your packing, moving, shipping and storing.

EASY TO USE - The stretch film is easy to unwrap and comes with one reusable handle,

making bundling packages easier, faster and more efficient than tape, twine or straps.

PRESERVES ITEMS - The cling wrap protects your possessions from dust or stains and shields

surfaces of furniture from scratches, scuffs and damage without leaving behind a residue.

MULTIPURPOSE USE - The stretch wrap is perfect for safely securing all types of items, such

as furniture, boxes or even objects featuring odd shapes.

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