Date: 15/11/2023
Location: No 43, Street 5, Residential Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC
We are pleasure to invite companies operating in the field of housewares to participate in the event "BRINGING VIETNAMESE PRODUCTS TO THE WORLD" to discover effective strategies and secrets of business success on the world's largest platform. - Amazon.
If you are ambitious to expand your sales market on Amazon, please don't miss the opportunity to learn from leading experts in this field.
When participating in this event, you will learn about:
 Transportation process from factory to Amazon’s warehouse: When participating in the sales consulting event on Amazon, businesses will be guided on the process of transporting goods from their factory to distribution centers (fulfillment centers) of Amazon. Amazon provides detailed tools and instructions for packaging products, marking barcodes, creating shipping labels, and placing shipping orders. This helps businesses understand the process and comply with Amazon's requirements to ensure shipping is carried out efficiently and quickly.
 Create an account and set up a store on Amazon: The Amazon selling consultation event provides detailed instructions on creating an account and setting up a store on the platform. Businesses will be guided through the steps of registering, verifying identity and business information, as well as setting up shipping options, pricing and return policies. Having a professional store on Amazon helps businesses reach millions of potential customers and take advantage of Amazon's powerful sales infrastructure.
 Product advertising and marketing: Amazon provides a variety of marketing and advertising tools to help businesses stand out and increase the likelihood of finding products on the platform. Through sales consulting activities, you will learn about effective advertising strategies, including product page advertising, keyword advertising, and search results page advertising. This helps businesses increase their influence on Amazon and increase sales opportunities.
 Support and advice from Amazon experts: During the process of participating in the Amazon sales consulting event, businesses will have the opportunity to receive support and advice from Amazon experts. These experts will share knowledge and experience on store management, product portfolio optimization, data analysis, pricing, customer care and other factors. This helps businesses master the strategies and skills needed to achieve success on the Amazon platform.
 Performance review and analysis information: Amazon provides performance review and analysis tools for businesses. Businesses participating in the sales consulting event will be guided on how to use these tools to track sales performance, view number of orders, revenue, profits and other important indicators. . Through data analysis, businesses can better understand customer purchasing behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and adjust business strategies to optimize results.
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